Chevy 1.8 Ecotec Engine

The modern Ecotec engines built for Chevy vehicles include the 1.8-liter displacement. These motors are now combined with 6-speed transmissions in most of the GM fleet in the USA. The I4 series is known for being reliable and is one reason many people choose these builds in used condition. A person who will decide to purchase a Chevy 1.8 Ecotec engine can get helpful info here.

All Generation III motors that were produced at General Motors carry the Ecotec nameplate. This is the successor to the Vortec family. There are two main builds that a person will find when shopping for a replacement 1.8 4-cylinder. The RPO codes of LUW and LWE are what can be found through many retailers. These should not be confused with the very early 1.8 build in the 1980s.

FWD 1.8 Ecotec Engine History

There is a grand total of 4 valves per cylinder found in the Ecotec I4 family. The maximum horsepower that can be achieved is approximately 138. Vehicles like the Sonic and Cruze have made good use of the 1.8 series. This motor tops out at around 6500 RPMs. The Ecotec is a DOHC build. Because the motor is for transverse applications, it is usually found in FWD vehicles.

Unlike the MPFI motors in the early 1990s, the newer builds for Chevy cars feature the SFI fuel delivery setup. The early Family 1 motors had a completely different configuration. The actual block is a cast aluminum design that does include hydraulic tappets. The belt drive cam shaft was not changed for the Ecotec 1.8 builds.

The rating for most smaller GM engines is about 100,000 miles. This does not mean that this is the end point for the count of mileage. It means that under general use a person can expect to have little to no problems before this mileage point. This says a lot about how the LUE and LWE blocks were constructed.

How to Buy The 1.8-Liter Engine

When requesting a price through any dealer, a person should always inquire if a warranty is supplied. There is a big difference between supplied and implied. The reality is that many outlets provide no more than 90 days of after purchase protection. If an issue does occur, it will only be covered in the 90-day window of time. The company takes warranty coverage to a new level of consumers by offering multiple year coverage.

Search Ecotec 1.8 Motor Pricing

It all begins with a low sticker price. This is what many people are actually searching for. To use this website effective, please input the make and year of a Chevrolet car that uses the 1.8-liter Ecotec motor. The special pricing available will be displayed. A quick review can be made or a quick purchase can be initiated.

A toll-free number that is directed to experts in the second hand industry is offered on this page. This helps consumers. It can be helpful to speak with someone who can validate VIN or RPO code information.