Chevy 3.4 Engine Used

The 3.4 Chevy V6 engine is a transverse model introduced during the 1985 year. Big things were happening at General Motors at this time. Production was up. Sales were up. People were happy. The only thing missing was a new V6 motor for the Pontiac and Chevrolet series. The company sells discounted Chevy 3.4 engine used inventory online.

The RPO code for the first build was the L44. This block was the initial recipient of the MFPI injection system. A lot of the vehicles that were produced before the 1985 year had a different injection system. The Fiero was one of the popular Pontiac builds during the mid 1980s. GM selected this vehicle model to take the 3.4 into the next decade.

Gen I and Gen II V6 Engines

Part of the success of the first generation manufacturing of the 3.4 was transferred the second series. The creation of the LQ1 series improved upon the first series technology. A dual cam option was now standard for the 3.4. Vehicles like the Lumina and Grand Prix were the test model vehicles for the bigger engine builds. Most of the early 1990s featured vehicles that sported the 3.4-liter V6 LQ1.

A third generation of 3.4 engines was continued with the 3400 platform. Starting in the 1996 year, GM started build out its 9:5:1 compression ratio blocks. The Lumina vans, Oldsmobile and Buick vehicles were using the 3400 as a standard model. The production period lasted until 2005 for the Generation III 3.4.

While it is still possible to locate a used 3.4 in the USA, demand has shifted to supplying the market in China. Production was active until the year 2009 for the Chinese editions of the V6. All inventory promoted on this website is from the United States and features all OEM components.

3.4 V6 Chevy Engines: What to Know

Before swapping or before buying a V6, mileage should always be a topic of discussion. Because tests are not usually performed on a used motor, mileage could help someone to determine if a unit will be a good fit or not. It will not make a lot of sense to replace a motor with one that has more mileage. The useful life will not be as long as a unit that has a lower usage cycle.

Buying Cheap 3400 V6 Engines

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