Chevy Blazer Engines for Sale

The GMC Jimmy was the first generation of what is know known to be the Chevrolet Blazer. The 2.0L engine was the first permanent engine after the 1.9 was upgraded. Various versions of the Blazer were created including an offshoot of the S10. We have these Chevy Blazer engines for sale in our inventory of used engines. Our Chevy used engines are among the cleanest and most reliable that you will find from an online seller. We actually take great care in finding and supplying our customers with high quality low mileage used engines for sale. You won’t be disappointed in our inventory or our prices.

The Iron Duke 2.5-liter was taken directly out of the S10 and used in the Blazer. This engine lasted for many years until the creation of the Vortec 4.3L near the end of the run for the Blazer in 2005. Rest assured when you buy our Chevrolet engines that what you are getting is excellent. We know what is available online especially from auction-based websites. We want to be very clear about what you pay for when you purchase one of our excellent used Blazer engines. These are not rebuilt or remanufactured because they do not need to be upgraded. They are already in great condition.

Tested Chevy Blazer Engines for Sale 

We have mechanics working inside of our engine shop that utilize their experience and modern tools for testing. We examine every Chevy motor that is purchased and put it through a series of fail proof tests. This lets us know exactly what we have so we can describe it accurately to you before you purchase one. Our tests include checking the heads, seals, gaskets and pistons when applicable to locate signs of deterioration or surface damage. We know that each component will only work if it has been well taken care of by its previous owner. All of our used engines are purchased from dealers that we trust and that know the things that we expect to find on a quality used engine.

Each engine that is tested is then approved for sale and sent into our warehouse inventory. Our engine experts enter the inventory data into our database and we know exactly what we have on hand at all times. When a customer orders an engine, the order goes through an evaluation process and is sent immediately to our shipping department. Our freight team crates each Blazer engine and ensures it will not be damaged in any way during travel. Our engines arrive within a few days after they are ordered and will be in the condition they were described to be in when they were ordered.

Price Quote for Chevy Blazer Engines for Sale 

1-877-630-3874 is the number to call to get our low price and further information that you need about our 2.0, 2.5 or 4.3 Chevy Blazer engines for sale. Our staff is extremely easy to deal with and your time is never wasted on the phone. If you want your engine quote sent to your email address, use our Blazer quote request form now. We send our price quickly, you review it and contact us when you’ve ready to order. It’s easy!