Chevy Corsica Used Engines for Sale

Chevy Corsica Used Engines for Sale | Used Engines Sale Chevrolet 2.2LChevy Corsica had over a 10-year run as one of GM’s most famous cars. While it is now rebranded as the Malibu, the Chevy Corsica ruled the 80s and 90s with style. There are 2 main engines that are in use for the majority of Corsicas that were produced. These engines were the 2.2L 4-cylinder and the larger 3.1L V6. The Corisca outsold the Beretta for most of the 1980s and many Chevy passenger cars still on the roads today are Corsica. We sell used Chevrolet engines right from our warehouse and we refuse to sell any type of GM engine that does not fit into our high quality engine standards.

The sedan auto industry was pretty full during the time the Corsica was introduced. Chevy marketed this vehicle correctly and did not have to use any tactics that other automakers have used to get the buying public to gain interest in the Corsica. Buyers that drove these cars instantly knew they had something special and we strive to give every person that is doing a swap or used engine replacement the same feeling. The companies that we buy our used GM engines from include real dealerships and other secondary engine dealers that we have partnered with. We don’t simply rely on what we find in salvage yards.

Tested Chevy Corsica Used Engines for Sale

Nothing slips through our doors if it is not tested accordingly. A scrap engine dealer or Internet auction website might use these tactics to help move engines, but we know better than to put our engine reputation on the line. Every one of our used engines for sale by Chevy are inspected by hand in our engine shop. We have some pretty sophisticated equipment to test engines with and we can easily verify the information that each dealer gave to us when we bought each engine. We verify the bore and stroke of each 2.2L and 3.1L engine and check for rust, failed parts and oil leaks that often get overlooked by many used engine sellers.

Our used engines are sold complete and only need the parts that you want to install on them. If you had a supped up motor before, you can always add those parts back onto our Chevy Corsica used engines for sale. The best part is that you need to make zero modifications to get our engines to fit inside of your GM car. Since we use pure engine blocks and actual Chevy engines, what we sell easily goes underneath any hood and can be tightened down fast. It is not necessary to pay someone to make any type of revisions to the engines that we have for sale.

Chevy Corsica Used Engines for Sale Prices 

1-877-630-3874 is our direct quote line for all Chevrolet engines. Our engine experts do not make you wait on hold before we get your our seriously low price. If you are someone that prefers to get all quotes sent by email, we have you covered on that too. Just put your details into our simple Corsica quote form and we make it happen. No gimmicks or no spam emails. We just send you our low price. You choose what to do afterward.