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Chevy Lumina started production in 1990 and it remained a top seller for GM until 2001. Some say that the Lumina was originally designed to compete with the Ford Taurus. Only four initial years were offered for the base body style. General Motors changed the design after 1994 to give the Lumina more mass appeal. A size upgrade and larger engine was offered at the start of the 1995 year. The installation of the 3.1L V6 engine went over well with buyers. You’ll find good prices for used Chevy Lumina engines right here from this website. Nothing in our current engine lineup is below the quality you expect.

The power of a V6 was what the Lumina lacked during its first phase of production. Despite powerful marketing by GM the sales were still slipping. Buyers were greeted with the generation II upgrade of a larger Lumina and engine. The 3.1L V6 was the engine tapped by GM to put the Lumina over the top. This engine was the same one used in many popular Buick and Chevrolet cars. The base 205 horsepower is what attracted buyers that lacked the confidence to purchase the Lumina during the first production run. We have a range of Lumina engines to fit the need you have.

Used Chevy Lumina Engines 

The Lumina ceased production in 2001 although the engines are still around. We’re one of few that support used engines from General Motors online. Most of what you can find are the newer performance engines and not the classic ones from the early 1990s. Our Chevy Lumina engine buying team does an excellent job. This staff is amazing because the engines brought here for us to resell are in good shape. It can be hard to find 20-year old engines in this good of shape someplace else on the Internet. Our internal dedication to offering near perfect used engines makes certain we have engines that our customers can use.

It does not matter what year of Lumina that you have. We are able to find pretty much all of the motors that were used. We find them with lower mileage that you’d expect. Our team puts these engines to the test and validates the condition. We use our mixture of computer tests and manual mechanic testing. What comes out of our engine shop is something ready for installation. The same thing can’t be said for auction websites selling used engines. There is no way to determine exactly how the motors can perform. We’ve taken away all of the negatives that engine buyers face and only provide positives for our Chevy engines.

Used Chevy Lumina Engines Price Quotes 

With an expert engine staff and customer support professionals we give out quotes. Call toll free right now at 1-866-469-1209. We’re able to work with you quickly and determine what sale price we can offer. It’s really hard to say no to such a low price. The same pricing is available using our used Chevrolet quote form. Get your offer for free shipping as well as a review of our engine warranties using our online quote format.