Used Chevy S10 Engines for Sale

Used Chevy S10 Engines for Sale | Used Engines Sale ChevroletChevy shocked the world in 1982 when it entered into the light-duty pickup truck market. It’s GMC brand was the test run for the market and although sales were small the S-15 broke new ground. An engine change to the 2.5-liter Iron Duke in 1984 put Chevy on the map as a direct competitor to Ford. Over 22 years of sales around the world later the S10 has been ingrained into the minds of drivers around the world. We sell used Chevy S10 engines for sale at prices so low we are not even allowed to publish them on the Internet. We see what some advertise as a low price. We can beat any price you have found.

Here at, we have at least 3 versions of the S10 motor in stock. You’ll find the 2.2-liter original, the Iron Duke and the later 4.3 version. We cover all the bases here with our used engines and have a large GM inventory. Much of our sales volume is shipped in the USA although we have an extensive network of customers that buy our engines direct from Canada. We sell used engines. We do not rebuild them or recondition them in any way. Our process of engine selection is excellent and what we find is low mileage engines ready for sale.

Used Chevy S10 Engines for Sale and a Warranty 

Our engines are excellent condition used and we still provide you with a great warranty. This is to give you the additional peace of mind that our Chevrolet engines will not fail you after installation. We have heard some stories from our customers that bought an engine from major sellers online. What we heard was shocking and unethical to us. This is one of the reasons that we provide you with our standard extended warranty to make certain you are protected no matter how much you drive. The unlimited guarantee of mileage should set your mind at ease. Whatever happens and its covered by our warranty we fix it. We mean it.

We didn’t tell you yet how fast you get one of our S10 engines. We’ve already laid the groundwork with the biggest shipping carriers in Canada and the U.S. Our engines go out on the very same day that you order and are never delayed. We’re not engine middlemen. We ship from our own inventory and don’t let someone else fulfill your order. What you get is what you order and it only takes a few business days to arrive. We believe we have the finest quality used Chevy S10 engines for sale that you will ever find on the Internet.

Our Price for Used Chevy S10 Engines for Sale 

You’ll have to call us at 1-877-630-3874 or get your quote online. Why? As a commitment to you and to our distributors, we like to have what we say we have in stock before you complete your order. Our low price is against the terms of service for our distributors and we can only give it out when asked. We know you understand how business works. Just take a minute and get our S10 engine price. One minute of work to get the lowest price ever for a Chevrolet engine is not a bad thing.