Vortec 2200 Engine

Most Chevy cars equipped with a 2200 engine are known as Vortec builds in the U.S. The LN2 is the RPO code that is used to identify the late model 2200 compared to the 2.2 builds offered in the early 1980s. While changes to fuel systems did affect quality, there are still good versions of the LN2 and L43 motors available. It is easy enough to buy a Vortec 2220 engine used from this resource online.

The 1992 year was full of changes at General Motors. Aside from changing its internal transmission codes, the outdated TBI fuel system was retired. The MPFI was selected to power the 2.2 motors. The Beretta, Corsica and Cavalier were the 3 vehicles to receive the updated Vortec units. The actual production of the 2200 motors did not take place until the year 1998.

Chevy Truck 2200 Engines

The S-10 and some Isuzu series models used the upgraded Vortec LN2 for a number of years. The block still kept its OHV design and was closely related to the 122 original build. What GM placed into most pickup trucks was the L43 edition. A different air intake system as used and a 2-valve design was updated. The standard horsepower that a truck would receive is about 120 hp.

A larger dual overhead cam motor known simply as the Ecotec 2.2 is now manufactured at GM. This series has officially taken the place of the classic 2200. While inventory is still available in the USA, a person should be careful when purchasing from an untrusted resource. A validation of the complete condition of a motor block is important to receive before buying one.

4-Cylinder 2.2 GM Engines: How to Buy

The first question that someone who will end up purchasing a used motor should ask is about mileage. How many miles are already on the block? That is a good place to start. Most retailers have to deal in high mileage blocks. The majority of what is available has more than 80,000 miles. While this is not considered low mileage, depending on the usage pattern it could be a good investment.

The UsedEnginesSale.com company is one of the few that is still supporting the classic and newer 2.2 or 2200 Chevy engines. The mileage will never be erased although parts are protected over a period of years through a warranty. The coverage plans that are standard in the industry are offered for zero cost during checkout. What this supplies is more than the standard 60-day coverage plan.

Buy 2.2 Vortec Engines for Sale

The ability to search nationally on this website is here for a reason. There is a linked network of dealers that take care of the inventory posted for sale here. Finding the best pricing no longer takes hours of days. In just a click or two, a fair used 2.2 Chevy engine can be purchased without a hassle. This is very rewarding to a car parts buyer.