Used 4.6L Ford Engines for Sale

Used Ford 4.6L Engines for Sale | Used Engines SaleLow Price. Great Condition. Used Ford Engines

Your Ford vehicle means a lot to you whether you are the owner, mechanic or service center. The engine that you are taking out has likely seen better days. The high price of a new engine leaves brand new engines out of the swap out equation. The best thing that you have available is to buy used. We aren’t your run of the mill engine dealer. Scrap yards are not our source for buying engines. We are the ones that sell to scrap yards. Our used 4.6L Ford engines for sale are in excellent condition and ready to drop in under your hood.

Whether you have a Mustang, Explorer or Ford F-150 our engines fit. You don’t have to worry about bolting in one of our engines and having an installation problem. Because our engines are authentic Ford products, they are guaranteed fit perfectly. This means you or your engine installer can spend more time hooking up the engine instead of wondering why it does not fit correctly. Our 4.6L engines from Ford give you the power and performance that you expect without the new engine cost. Do not confuse our Ford used engines for sale with something that you can find on eBay.

Used Ford 4.6L Engines for Sale with a 3-Year Warranty

We advertise our low prices and we also advertise our 3-year warranty. You do not have to fear buying an engine that shows up damaged or has problems a couple months after installation. We do not sell engines and walk away after the sale. We stand by you and take care of your engine should a problem happen. We have the best Ford mechanics in the industry working out of our engine shop. Our warranty covers unlimited mileage so you don’t have to feel bad about driving your vehicle each day. Whatever happens to your engine in 3 years we take care of it.

The great thing about the 4.6L Ford engine is that it fits into multiple vehicles. Other automakers use many different engines making a swap out or replacement a difficult process. The Econline van, Mustang GT and F-150 all use the 4.6L engine displacement for longevity and performance. Everything from the block to the heads are high quality on our used engines. We personally test them and make sure they are road ready when they arrive to you. Buying our 4.6L Ford engines for sale will make you happy, your wallet happy and your Ford vehicle happy for many, many years.

Why Wait? Order Our Used 4.6L Ford Engines For Sale Today

There is one thing that you need to have before you place your order. That is the price. Call us at 1-877-630-3874. We will give you a price quote or you can fill out our online form. Either way you get great customer service, a super low price and your engine shipped out the same day. Your questions are always answered and your concerns are always addressed. We create long-term relationships with our customers and truly care about what goes into each and every Ford vehicle.