Ecoboost 1.5 Engine

The Ford 1.5 motor in Ecoboost builds is part of the Sigma family of motors. This dual overhead cam option is available in vehicles created in 2014 and later. The I4 series remains a go-to build at the Ford Motor Company for its luxury, sedan and coupe vehicles. A person who will swap out an Ecoboost 1.5 engine has the opportunity to save money while shopping at this website.

The turbo series in the Ford family is now referred to as Ecoboost. The introduction in 2009 provided a way for consumers to become informed about the new fuel savings and performance of the I4 and V6 motor classes at Ford. The 1.5 is most associated with the Fusion although the Focus now sports the I4 displacement in all newer builds.

I4 Ecoboost Engines: What to Know

The official rating for the horsepower could be somewhere between 150 and 281. Where each motor is produced and what vehicle receives the installation will fluctuate the horsepower level. The 1.5 is a variant of the larger 1.6 series. While the V6 is still produced for a lot of vehicles, the I4 editions are now providing a more fuel efficient block to rely upon.

Because the new 1.5-liter can be found in used condition, someone buying this block should be able to save money. While not every retail outlet discounts the price, a person will usually encounter a number of blocks with different levels of mileage. This is important to consider when shopping for a used motor.

1.5 Ford Engines with a Warranty

Even though a preowned motor has been used before, a unit can last for a long time of one is properly maintained. When a person goes shopping for a 1.5-liter I4 replacement, it can be confusing when sorting through what is or what is not included in a dealer sale. One of the best things to search for is a term of warranty protection.

A good dealer will be able to supply its own policy protection. The company offers a warranty at no cost to consumers. This applies the I4 and V6 Ecoboost motors for sale. Getting a warranty package is an excellent method of protection for OEM parts. While not every part can be replaced under warranty, the most essential components are covered.

Buy Used Ecoboost 1.5 Engines for Sale

Since Ford does build reliable motor blocks, there is still a plentiful inventory that can be found in used condition. Through excellent distributor relationships, the company makes great prices accessible to all consumers. Price quotes for in stock inventory are always distributed here. All used Ecoboost motors available for shipment are displayed.

When someone needs extra help identifying an I4 motor match, the number offered for customer service is available to call. A complete expert can be contacted to help with order processing or inventory lookups.