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Ford 3.0 V6 was created in 1986 and tested in the Ford Taurus. This vehicle was one of Ford’s best sellers and a larger engine was demanded by the public. The success of this Vulcan engine found Ford Motor Company putting it inside of its Mercury Sable. This Ford variant’s sales were boosted from the insertion of this V6 engine. We have the Ford 3.0 V6 engine you need here at a great price at We’re one of the few Vulcan engine sellers left online. Let our company get you great price right now.

The Vulcan engine was used up until the 2002 year after its final usage in the Windstar. The other vehicles that relied upon the power of this motor include the Ranger, Probe, Tempo and Topaz. Ford found a lot of success with the development of this engine. For many years, the standard 2.5 4-cylinder was used. A little boost in horsepower and torque is all that it took for Ford to make a good engine great. Our team finds the very best of the best used condition engines. This inventory is what we offer for direct sale to vehicle owners or others that use these used motors as replacements.

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