Used Ford 5.4L E-Series Engines for Sale

Ford 5.4L Engines for Sale | Used Engines Sale FordFord E-Series owners know what they get with a 5.4-liter inside. These durable engines designed and produced by Ford have had a miraculous run. More than 3 decades of development has helped pushed the E-Series engine into a class of its own. Some people might not realize that the 5.4 was used in other vehicles besides the Econoline. Famous models like the Super Duty trucks have had this powerful engine bolted inside. What you will find here at is an inventory full of Ford 5.4L E-Series engines for sale at prices that are more than competitive. Our price is probably the lowest you will ever receive.

We are one of the only exclusive used Ford engine dealers selling certified engines online. We have already met the requirements of OEM manufacturing put in place by Ford  Motor Company. Our connections with actual dealerships and distributors give us the opportunity to find the best used engines for sale and buy them for our customers. We sell to junkyards, ASE mechanics and average people that need a great engine that is free of defects. Our inspection process is the key to evaluating the quality of our engines. No oil loss, compression problems or header issues are present in the Ford motors that we sell.

Ford 5.4L E-Series Engines for Sale with a Warranty

Are you tired of small warranties offered with used motors? We are too and that’s why we have decided to take a stand and do something about it. We love selling engines and we love when customers contact us after many years and explain how great our engines still perform. We give you an extended warranty that will help keep you from regular wear and tear problems that can keep your engine from starting up. Every engine is inspected during a visual evaluation and receives a computer printout. We know what we sell to you and how long it is supposed to last without problems.

We give you a warranty and a direct low price. What could be better? We think shipping your engine immediately when you finish your order is a good start. One of the things that we never become tired of hearing is how fast our method of shipping is to any location. We ship anywhere in the United States and Canada. We have special arrangements for overseas shipments. Most of our used Ford engines arrive within a couple of business days after they are shipped out. We do this to make sure that we are not the cause of an error or delay in transit. Our Ford 5.4L E-Series engines for sale will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

Get Our Low Ford 5.4L E-Series Engines for Sale Price Today 

To get our super low price, call 1-877-630-3874. You never speak to a machine or recording and we don’t put you on hold. We know why you’re calling and make it fast. We can send you our price to your email if you want. Just give us the details about your motor request in our quote form. We take it from there. We send our 5.4L engine total price quickly.