Used Ford Escape 2.3L Engines

Used Ford Escape 2.3L Engines

Ford Escape debuted in 2000 for Ford Motor Company. This crossover SUV was selected to lead Ford for the start of the 21st century. The Escape was an instant hit and much of the success came from the Duratec engines used inside. The Escape has evolved through the years, but one thing that has not changed as much is the engines. The 2.3L engine was one of the best 4-cylinders that Ford used. You can easily find these used Ford Escape 2.3L engines for sale in our warehouse. You’ll never pay high prices to purchase one here.

The Ford Escape has little competition by other automakers. Ford dominates the truck and the SUV industry and others try hard to play catchup. The early Escape engines used the Mazda engine base just like the Ranger and other vehicles did. Ford invested heavily into this technology and is one reason why it has remained for over 25 years. The Duratec series was the newer engine style that Ford debut for the Escape. A V6 engine option was later added as customers demanded a horsepower increase with generation changes. Our used engines for sale keep the OEM standards and value that you demand in engines.

Used Ford Escape 2.3L Engines for Sale 

The Escape still remains a high seller for Ford. The 2.3L engine is always in demand because it was the first generation. Millions of the Escape have been sold and many included the base engine. Our engine shop locates and looks over all engines we bring in for sale. Our quality is important to us and to our customers. We have great quality control systems in place to assure everyone our engines are the real deal. Each Duratec engine goes through our manual tests as well as those tests where we use computers. Between these two types, engines remain calibrated and there are no parts that are out of place.

Need an engine for your 2005 Escape? We’re a supplier to average car owners and to companies that use our engines for installs. We’re completely capable of meeting any company deadline for an engine replacement. We probably have one of the largest inventories and one of the best warranties to go with it. You’re buying a great engine from a respected company. All of our engine staff is professional and knows just what to do to help you. We use our experience in the engine industry mixed with the suggestions of our customers to build our inventory levels. You won’t waste time searching for used Ford Escape motors online.

Used Ford Escape 2.3L Engines Price Quotes 

You can start by calling our toll free number that you see on this website. This number links you directly with our engine quote staff. You simply explain that you need a 2.3L Duratec engine and your quote is generated. If you’re one that prefers online quotes, you’ll appreciate how easy to use our Ford quote form is on this website. We don’t collect your personal information or use it for anything other than a quote. Get your quote now and review your low price.