Ranger 3.0 V6 Engine

The 1991 year was when Ford installed the 3.0 V6 in the Ranger series trucks. The Vulcan family blocks were previously used in the 1980s Taurus and Sable vehicles. The 60-degree design is part of a long history of cast iron engines built by Ford Motor Company. Because there is still demand for light-duty truck motors, a person can buy a Ranger 3.0 V6 engine in second hand condition here.

The older fuel injection system that is found in the 3.0 motor block is part of the OHV design. The first year of 3.0 production was 1986 and the final year of production was 2008. The Vulcan motor used in the Ranger is one of the last push rod design created by Ford. By removing the original carburetor, more fuel was delivered through an electronic process to the engine.

History of V6 Ranger Engines

For 17 years in the U.S., the Ranger truck series was equipped with a V6 motor block. This was a huge upgrade to the smaller I4 and the 2.9 editions used during the mid-1980s. The classic Cologne engine series was discontinued in the Ranger in favor of the V6 Vulcan block that was so successful in the Taurus.

There are 182.2 cubic inches found in the 3.0 block. Depending on the production year, a level of horsepower between 140 and 155 could be achieved. The torque ratio was not as high as the F-Series trucks although was respectable at 186 lbs per foot. Because Ford no longer produces the Vulcan, the late model Duratec 30 has taken its place in some pickup trucks.

Reliable Used 3.0 Vulcan Motors

What makes an engine reliable? Part of the success found in a good engine comes from its working parts. The cam shaft, rollers, air intake system and the hoses used to distribute fluid are all important. When a person is fixing up a Ranger, it is important to choose the right type of motor. While one that looks OK might be a good buy, what is on the inside is what actually matters.

The Ranger series was terminated in 2012 by Ford Motor Company. Because there is no support for this brand, a parts buyer can run into difficulty choosing a V6 block. The UsedEnginesSale.com company only provides top quality Vulcan 3.0 motor blocks for sale. These are complete units already overhauled and inspected.

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