4.3 V6 Vortec Engine

General Motors released the 4.3 V6 engine in 1985. It was used for a number of years in the Astro vans. While GM put a lot of engineering power behind its engine development, the original V6 90-degree was only built until the 2009 year. Someone ready to buy a used 4.3 Vortec engine for sale can use this portal to discover pricing and shipping terms online.

The first motor produced was the LB1. This was the code to identify which engines were installed in the light-truck and van department at GM. The LB4 was the second 4.3 built. This was used in most luxury vehicles or sedan vehicles that required a little more horsepower. A range of 130 to 155 hp was found in the early Vortec builds before changes happened during the 1986 year.

High-Output 4.3 GM Engines

Power means a lot to owners of General Motors vehicles. In the year 1990, a new upgrade to the Vortec 4300 was made. A direct boost of 170 horsepower was found in all equipped TBI series blocks. The LU2 block was offered as an upgrade for the Safari or Astro vans. The max RPM to achieve the higher torque was 3400.

Apart from the high-output blocks, GM made an additional change to first series 4300 blocks in 1992. The L35 series was fitted with an updated fuel system that boosted the power level to 200 horsepower by the year 1994. The LB4 series was not available during the 1994 or 1995 years due to the L35 series.

The L35 and LF6 blocks were among the final builds of the Vortec 4300 V6 engines. These were built for a 6 to 8 year period starting in 1997. Because General Motors started development on its Ecotec system, most of the older Vortec builds were dropped from engineering. A person who will buy a replacement 4.3 engine might find a shortage in some parts of the country.

Road Tested 4.3 V6 Blocks

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Buy Used 4300 Vortec V6 Engines

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