Jeep 4.2 Engine for Sale

The Jeep 258 was a reliable inline 6 motor in 4.2 displacement. This motor was produced for 19 years before being replaced by standard V6 models. What AMC started and Chrysler eventually furthered was consumer confidence in inline motors. Someone seeking a high torque Jeep 4.2 engine for sale in used condition will appreciate the inventory offered at this website.

From the Eagle and Hornet to the early Gremlin vehicles, AMC did a lot of things right with inline 6-cylinder motor production. While changes were added with every manufacturing year, the reliable 4.2 could not be denied by its owners. Chrysler continued production of this motor until 1990 in the U.S. auto industry.

4.2 I6 Inexpensive Jeep Motors

What some people like about the 258 series is the low price point. While some I6 motors were thousands of dollars, it is possible to locate a preowned unit cheaply. This creates more room for someone building a vehicle or fixing up an older AMC produced Jeep. Because it is so inexpensive to replace the 4.2, many people favor these over the late model 4.0.

The Jeep 4.2 motor block does not have a fuel injection system. It is a carb designed block. Most of the 1970s and early 1980s vehicles did not have a reliable electronic fuel delivery system yet. The horsepower rating of the 258 is about 112. This is considerably lower because of the carburetor system. The later 4.0 builds did feature quite an increase in power.

Buying a 4.2 Engine Used: What to Know

A dealer that can supply a unit that features the original 9:2:1 compression ratio is a good start. The OHV design produced by AMC is the model to purchase. There are aftermarket builds although these are not a true 258 block. One thing to look for when evaluating inventory at retailer websites is a count of mileage. Some dealers do not publish this info and provide it during checkout.

It is essential that any AMC 4.2 or Jeep 258 build come with support for transfer cases. There are aftermarket modifications that can damage the engine hookups. Getting a true block is the only way to ensure that a motor will be installed correctly. The Motor Universe website supplied what is referred to as the best classic Jeep motors inventory by some on the web.

Find 4.2 Used Jeep Engines for Sale

Searching and coming up empty will not happen here. What a person will find instantly here is a warehouse full of older motors to review. It takes the correct engine size, model year and vehicle make to use the locator system here accurately. Once this information is inputted, a price is always displayed for review.

To help people who cannot search on this website, a Jeep engine expert is waiting by the toll-free phone system offered in the U.S. Calling this number is a good way to validate stock levels and VIN numbers to make certain that is a direct match.