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The Original Honda Odyssey still has the Highest Reliability Rating

It’s hard to believe, but the original 1994 Honda Odyssey still has the highest reliability rating even when it’s compared to today’s minivan. In fact, the Odyssey won the Japan Car of the Year Award as well as the RJC New Car of the Year Award in 1994. We have used Honda Odyssey Engines for Sale. The four cylinder Honda engine and the four speed automatic transmission made a huge impact on the minivan market.

The second generation engine was a VTEC 6 cylinder 210 horsepower engine, and it performance and design was considered well above average when it was compared to other vehicles in the American market during those years. (1999-2005). The VTEC four-stroke internal combustible engine uses two camshaft profiles and electronically chooses a profile from the pair, which optimizes low and high RPM operations. Honda had designed an engine masterpiece, and it was the only one of its kind in the industry. Most car manufacturers had engines with variable valve timing, but the Honda VTEC was in a class of own based on the price of the vehicle.

The DOHC engine system was introduced in Japan in 1989, and in 1991 the US market got a taste of it. The big money 1991 Acura NSX had one, and it was a 3 litre 280 horsepower VTEC V6 DOHC beauty. The engine proved itself in that price arena, and was gradually used in other Honda models as adjustments were made. VTEC engines now include the i-VTEC, and the i-VTEC hybrid.

The SOHC, VTEC-E, and 3-stage VTEC were introduced in various Honda and Acura models. That’s called natural progression since the popularity and the reliability of the Honda DOHC engine is almost above reproach.

The engine power in the newer Odysseys was increased from 244 horsepower to 255 horsepower, and the fuel efficiency conforms to the Environmental Protection Agency’s fuel economy ratings. The Odyssey’s ratings in 2005 where 20 mpg around town, and 28 mpg on the highway. In 2007 the rating change to 17 mpg city and 25 mpg highway due to a change in the rating system not the engine.

The 2010 and 2011 Odyssey are fourth generation models that keep the tradition of the Odyssey intact, by going one step beyond in terms of power and amenities. Visit our website: for engine replacements and information about the Honda VTEC engine. Used Engines for Sale, your best overall value.

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